Piano Tuning

I tune pianos by ear. A concert quality tuning involves tuning each note within a tolerance of 1/100th of a semi-note. Ironically this is best achieved by doing an aural tuning (tuning by ear) as opposed to a dependence on an electric tuning device.

The fact is that every piano is unique. For example, a 9 foot concert grand piano, alongside an apartment sized piano, will not be compatible even if both of them receive the best tuning possible. An electric tuning device does not adequately account for these differences; therefore, I have always tuned every piano using the aural method.

Piano Diagnostics and Repair

The piano is a complex instrument with over 9,000 moving parts. Before any repair is undertaken, a proper diagnosis is essential.


As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of moving parts in a piano. Regulation involves making hundreds of adjustments in order to produce a mechanical performance of your instrument that is as precise and efficient as possible.


It is easy for many people to confuse voicing and tuning with each other. Tuning has to do with adjusting the pitch of any particular note while voicing has to do with adjusting the tonal quality of any particular note. This is achieved by a procedure where the hammers are either softened or hardened creating a consistency of tonal quality through out the whole range of the keyboard.

Piano Consultation

Choosing to buy a piano can be quite an intimidating experience. I can offer a completely unbiased perspective based on the merits of an instrument and can also offer an informed opinion as to reasonableness of the price being asked. I have helped numerous people make a great piano purchase who have subsequently become loyal customers.

Piano tuning, diagnostics and repair service areas include (but not limited to): Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley BC