Frank Ludwig


At Quantum Sound we pay particular attention to our 9′ concert grand Kawai piano. Our clients include jazz and classical pianists who have come to expect the best. Numerous artists select our studio primarily because of our piano. To maintain that quality we rely on George Klassen of Crescendo Piano Service for tuning and maintenance. He has also assisted in subtle aspects of getting the best possible sound from the piano and has a level of experience without equal. Having at one time toured extensively across Canada where I regularly had tuners attend to both the concert and electric grand pianos, I have experienced a wide variety of workmanship. There is no piano tuner in all of Canada that I recommend higher than George and I certainly would not have any other technician work on my pianos. Additionally, I served as music teach with the Vancouver School Board for 22 years. During that time I had similar experiences in which George had to be called in to “fix” the work of other technicians. I eventually had to insist that he be the only tuner allowed at my schools. On one occasion, on a few hours notice, he completely rearranged his schedule to come and repair a collapsed leg on our school grand piano the day before our concert, giving it time for the glue to dry overnight. I especially respect the care he gives and the extra attention and expertise which older pianos in particular require. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

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