I am pleased to have the opportunity to provide this written statement of my esteem for George Klassen, and my appreciation of his exceptional abilities in the field of Piano Technology.

George has completed, with highest marks, the intensive Piano Technology program which I instructed at Douglas College in 1982. He has also had the benefit of instruction by technical representation of several piano manufacturers and internationally recognized piano tuner/technicians.

In summary, I offer this statement of confidence in George’s skill, diligence, integrity and superior performance in Piano Technology.

John Wiley, R.T.T.Douglas College

Since May 1986, George has been caring for both my pianos. A Bosendorfer Grand and an older Steinway Upright. In all this time I’ve been extremely satisfied with his work and have recommended him to many of my students.

Along with his tuning and technical abilities I also appreciate his professionalism in regard to scheduling and keeping appointments and his advise as to the care and maintenance of the pianos.

Gary A. Burns

I met George Klassen of Crescendo Piano Service at the Armoury Recording Studios March 30, 2011, where I was playing keyboards for a record production. George was the piano technician for that particular project and, after playing the piano he had just tuned and tweaked, I decided to begin using his services in my own studio. I have two Yamaha C7 grand pianos, and it is vital to me in my work as a record producer/pianist to have them performing perfectly. George has been able to expertly provide this service to my complete satisfaction and I would recommend him without hesitation. Also, my work regularly necessitates a timely response and George has, when necessary, re-arranged his schedule to accommodate these needs.

Robbie BuchananRobbie Buchanan, Ltd

At Quantum Sound we pay particular attention to our 9′ concert grand Kawai piano. Our clients include jazz and classical pianists who have come to expect the best. Numerous artists select our studio primarily because of our piano. To maintain that quality we rely on George Klassen of Crescendo Piano Service for tuning and maintenance. He has also assisted in subtle aspects of getting the best possible sound from the piano and has a level of experience without equal. Having at one time toured extensively across Canada where I regularly had tuners attend to both the concert and electric grand pianos, I have experienced a wide variety of workmanship. There is no piano tuner in all of Canada that I recommend higher than George and I certainly would not have any other technician work on my pianos. Additionally, I served as music teach with the Vancouver School Board for 22 years. During that time I had similar experiences in which George had to be called in to “fix” the work of other technicians. I eventually had to insist that he be the only tuner allowed at my schools. On one occasion, on a few hours notice, he completely rearranged his schedule to come and repair a collapsed leg on our school grand piano the day before our concert, giving it time for the glue to dry overnight. I especially respect the care he gives and the extra attention and expertise which older pianos in particular require. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Frank LudwigQuantum Sound

I’m very happy to recommend George Klassen of Crescendo Piano Service for anything from routine tuning and maintenance to complete rebuilding of your piano – regardless of the size or type.

On the recommendation of a friend who was a very satisfied client of his (with a 7′ Young Chang) I had George rebuild my 1865 Steinway 8’5″ model D type 4 concert grand and couldn’t be happier! When I found my Steinway it was in very sad shape, but the notes that actually played well were spectacular – George had to bring the entire instrument back to that standard! The piano was to be placed in a professional recording studio so would be under scrutiny. I’m happy to say many clients booked our studio just for the piano and it earned several Juno nominations for piano-based blues and roots recordings. For all this time, George has been the only one I have tune or perform routine maintenance on my Steinway and it just seems to get better with age.

In the years since, I’ve had George rebuild the piano again – rebuilt action, refinished sound board, new bridge pins and strings. It’s perfect and once more, thanks to George’s skill and care, it’s a beautiful instrument that’s a pleasure to play.

Tom Carter